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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by jackdaw, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. jackdaw

    jackdaw Grom

    Hi Guys newbie here

    Went in this summer,absolutely brill.

    Ended up buying a Vision gl42 ,with vortex fins.

    the fins are ok but the board just dont seem right,went in 3 wks ago and was told by locals that the board wasnt bouyant enough for me.any advice would be appreciated,also any recomended shops to get fitted,coming down south west nxt w/end .

    I'm nearly (15-13)16stone and 6'2" with thick legs.

    papawoolacombe recomended this site so i've come over to join ya,good to know it's just b/bers.nice site!!
  2. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    im a big guy too im 6/4 and 19st i ride a ms 43.6in for normal breaks and a nmd base 42in for heavy waves. ull prob be best with a 43- 43.5 bat tail . bat tails have more float in the tail. so if u got big legs it will help u get sum speed up . if u speak to dave at bodyboardinghq or sam at fsc they will get you the right board . they arnt the sales ppl who just want ur money they will get the best board for you
  3. Ads

    Ads El Floppo King

    Thick legs ay! mmmmmm. I'm 5ft 10 and I used to ride a 43. I agree with bellyboarder, but it does depend on what works for you. I like a cresent tail and I mainly prone, if you can try a few of your mates boards out before you have a go then all the better. That held me back because i didn't do it, took me till recently to find a shape I'm 100% with.
  4. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    i know wot you mean ads .when i was younger id go for the pricey boards ,but they just held me back then after about my 10th board. i relised that the simple boards work fine for me i only ride cresent tail boards . ive had 1 bbat tail and hated it but i tryed a wing pin tail and that was ok . but im on 30th board so i know wot i like now lol shame that when i find a nice board it dies to quik
  5. jackdaw

    jackdaw Grom

    Thanks for the info lads,hoping to come down this w/e so will pop into FSC as its hard for me to try mates boards cuz i'm landlocked in the midlands where all my mates reackon i'm mental driving 300-500 miles every 2-3 wks just to get in the sea!wot do they know?,the buzz from just one wave is worth it!!!
  6. Kieran

    Kieran Local Charger

    i second that, good for you! :)
  7. bigjohn

    bigjohn Grom

    I'm a similer weight (15.5 st) but closer to 6'6" tall. The guidelines suggest that I should be riding a 46" (currently ride42.5") but I have heard that its difficult to find a longer sponge that has the right flex. I need a change as I'm not getting enough speed but am reluctant to spend £200 notes on a custom.Any ideas?
  8. bellyboarder

    bellyboarder Pro Rider

    hey john id look for a 43-44 if i were you. i got a nmd 42 base and its 1 of the best boards ive ever had and a ms 43.6 for slacker days but its to wide ive had 30 boards so far lol . the 1 dave was sayin about would be pretty good for you give him a bell and see wot he thinks
  9. James Cole

    James Cole New Member

    Hi Guys, New on here and following the thread as I am again a big lad, big legs (years of rugby) and trying to find the best board.
    Currently riding a Alder assassin from bodyboard hq but looking to upgrade.

    Jackdaw - I'm in the midlands too and ye folks think we are mad lol! if you ever fancy sharing the driving / fuel theres a couple of us drive out quite a bit family / work dependant

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