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Discussion in 'Bodyboarding Chat' started by jonpob, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. jonpob

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    I started off with straight wrist leash back in the day eventually moving on to the bicep leash,but lately they are slipping right down my arm to the point of just grabbing it before completely lost at sea,its doing it with both my zion and gul suits ,obviously i put it on tight but if i come off and board is pulled with wave this happens everytime,simple fix i thought go back to the wrist leash bought gyroll one but first trip out found it very hard to paddle its so tightly coiled pulls the board in my case left ,i cant paddle hard with it my leash arm becomes ,useless,has anyone got the creatures of leisure wrist leash it seems to have a more relaxed coil ,easier to paddle,have to honest god knows why the bicep leash doing this now as didnt have a problem with them for years.
  2. stupha

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    I had the same experience with a gyroll wrist. I like the creatures of leisure leashes, have one on my main board - much easier to paddle with. The only disadvantage with a loser wrist coil is I find I need to flip it over my arm now and then so it doesn't get trapped between arm/hand and board. I've a couple of dents in my deck thanks to the swivel getting under my arm when dropping in.
  3. jonpob

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    yeah think il be taking it off ,be ok at place i go with no paddle at all but other places its going to case huge probs
  4. jonpob

    jonpob Hand Dragger

    ment cause problems
  5. keardiff

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    You can get small pipe lagging about as thick as your thumb(used as grips on gym equipment) .You can get it in matching colours ,along with two small coloured cable ties a 3 inch piece covers one end and the middle of a swivel and prevents damage.......learn't from experience :eek:

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