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Discussion in 'International' started by green802, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. green802

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    The Bodyboard Expeditionary Force has just returned from Half Moon Bay in the South San-Fran area.

    Basically it was a hit and run mission as I was a lucky s*d to travel as "Dolly baggage" with my missus whilst she worked the flight to San Francisco.

    Half Moon Bay is just 30 mins drive South from San Fran and passes other more popular breaks of State Beach and the infamous Mavericks.

    Mav's was flat as the preverbial witches mammaries that day. Which I cant say I was that upset about due to such a long time without a good sesh/waves. State beach was messy, small and quite Zoo'd. We traveled on.

    HMB is a small National park 10 mins further South and costs $10 to enter. There's good parking,BBQ pits, restrooms and bins. That's about it, nothing else. However the $10 ticket gets you into any other National parks that day and you can just park up nearby and do a quick surf recce (I did) first.

    On the day there was a gentle 5-10 knt offshore with waves from 4-6/7 ft in nice sets.

    Getting in was a drama as the sandy beach shelves down making head high waves crash over you from the start. It took me 5 mins to pick my moment and then go like the clappers.

    With only two other sticks in I made my mark and caught lefts & rights of various sizes. The bigger the wave, the further out they broke. However if you were on the inside, you got mauled. Very much like Wedge far South. Get too close to shore and it was beatings time. I managed to pull out of several nasty drops/closeouts.

    My darling Dolly (de-la trolley) managed to get the following pics.









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  2. green802

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    Heres one looking at Mavericks (near the radar dome).


    and a few more.



    As the sesh wore on to the high. It got flatter and less frequent. TBH I'd scored an own goal by having an American bacon & pancakes breakfast 30 mins before getting in. So half the sesh I was fighting indigestion and retching (nice).

    To get out you had to grab your bottle and ride out. Mincing out was not an option due to the heavy beach break. I caught a risky close-in left, got tubed & ran up the beach.

    The weather was gloriously sunny & hot (for that time of year) and gloves only were needed and a 5/4/3 winter suit & sox.

    My confidence is back ! Amazing what a sesh of good waves Vs weeks of crap waves can do for your ability.

    Anyone thinking of venturing to Mavericks I have an A4 hand drawn map from Cowboys surf shop (between Mav's & HMB) on Route 1 if you need.



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  3. kev2o

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    Nice one, sounds like you scored again and always good to see some pictures.
  4. Plugus Maximus

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    Half Moon Bay! What next? Mentawi Islands? ;)
  5. green802

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    Cheeky Plug :¬)

    What next ?

    The KBB All Stars annual (#4) mid-winter mission 2012 Great Western Beach N.Q.

    There is another big mission brewing which has had its destination changed once :¬( but the alternative target is just as peachy I recon :¬)
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  6. johnd68

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    Looks like you scored some good surf there Green. HMB rocks. Shame you couldn't make it to Santa Cruz. It's Beach is a great bodyboarding wave. Nice pics. I put mine from NorCal on my profile gallery if anyone fancies a gander.

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