B.E.F to Orange County CA.

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    The Bodyboard Expeditionary Force,

    Is currently in the upper class lounge (all toff'ed up) Lording it up Rock Star Service style thanks to my lovely lady who's pulled some major strings.

    This mission has been on stand-by for a while but now is a confirmed GO!

    Staying at Huntington Beach all week and will visit Newport Wedge later.

    Typically when UK swell starts to come home, West coast California is mellowing out. However I think I'd Jib at the Wedge when only half as raging.

    Will post updates and pics later but any gems of info greatly received.

    Big thanks to RJH for info on Santa Monica.

    Guys enjoy the UK swells you look to be in for better rides.

    Green :¬)

    p.s Longboard (Sk8) also packed. So if the Wedge dont scrape me the boardwalk probably will :¬(
  2. kev2o

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    If the wedge is breaking, don't take off and go right. :D
  3. Plugus Maximus

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    Pete .... you MUST get some footage!
  4. green802

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    just a brief update as WiFi here comes at a cost (Robbing [email protected]$$$$$$tard$)

    Day one missed out.Explain laters.

    Day two: Huntington Beach 3 hrs in the afternoon Southside pier good waves

    WEDGE closing hour of the day.

    OHHHHHHH Feck what a rush. An Ok 5-6 ft . Got mixed right in with the locals as soon as I got in. Real rowdy crew but made me welcome.

    "Buddy we'll getcha a good one !"

    *thinks* "awwww B*88er. Cant Jib now. For Harry, St George and England!"


    I paddled like feck, missed it Damn !

    "Ok man next one! GO GO GO!"

    I dropped in on a monster thick 5 footer dug deep left and sped at insane speed along the face till heavy close-out. Rinsed and sped up the beach exstatic.

    Sh!tting in my fins I paddled out (fast to beat the beatings) to say thanks to the crew. I then chilled a bit and watched some of the best drops ever witness in the face of mashing waves. Getting dark and Sue waving from the beach I say thanks and catch an easy ride in.

    Turns out my lovely darling Lady caught the whole thing on camera. I will post the pic when back in Blighty and the mov'.

    Day three. Return to WEDGE. Milder but still heavy 3-4ft. Wedge3 Green 4 ( Just). My last wave was a real doozy. After 3 beatings and sand-wedge in the teeth I stopped whilst ahead and on a high..

    Today its kinda slack at Huntington (Surf City) but will push later. So tapped this out and will suit up later. More to report.

    Bought some Churchies ($48) jury still out on them after first use at the Wedge.

    Funny enough, the Wedge crew shouted " Go left dude !" I retorted I kinda had that part licked but not the rest :¬)

    Green KBB news at 12:00 Huntington Beach CA:
  5. kev2o

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    Nice one, props for getting into the mix at the wedge.
  6. green802

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    Day 3:

    Return to Wedge.

    Drove back to Wedge much more mellow and hardly anyone in. But when a wave did come in, it came thick and heavy.


    This guy was real good at judging it just right. He even took off on rights into the Wedge of water and then doubled back. Me I had the timing of a caveman.

    Here's a couple of the day before.


    Yours truly getting it right.


    And getting rinsed. I'm in there somewhere.






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  7. green802

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    The following day I went out Northside of the Pier.

    Mooching about some real seasoned longboarders I acted polite and took my time.

    I did overhear a stick paddling out "There's some people out here who shouldn't be today."

    I retorted this by taking a nice steep left, tucked in and heard "GO Sponger !" from the most seasoned of the group. As the afternoon wore on and banter flowed, it turned out I was in the company of an ex-longboard world champ and guys who owned surf shops to surfed all their life there. Tension broken, we all had fun and hooted the rides & waves out.

    Nice surf vibe...either that or they just tolerated a long distant vistor

    This was taken from the pier HB North.


    Hangloose ! :¬)


    Three more hours later and I made my farewells smug and sponged out.

    The last day was a 07:00 Dawnie. Messy waves but as they all seemed to say in HB " There's always waves here..of some sort or another."

    HB South.


    There seemed to be a Turf thing regards North-South pier side. Whichever crew I spoke to declared that " This is THE side to be on buddy!."

    As a wave wh*re, I took what was going.




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  8. green802

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    The Wedge evening crew were the most rowdy. As soon as I got in and asked "What's the deal here regards line-up?"

    Instantly I drew fire from the rowdies. It was kinda funny as some resembled the KBB All Stars. There was a bald headed looney toon, very gobby and jokey (no gueses who). A big hulk of a guy with mad hair (Austin), another man mountain, very wise and calm talking about the Wedge aspects (Levi) and a skinny tall guy (Plug).

    My intial fears of localism were exstinguished right from the start. Mr bald & loud kicked off with "We'll getcha a good one buddy!". They all retorted and shouted me on to the next monster. As said I missed then caught the next feeling like a lamb to the slaughter.

    However I held my own and returned to the line up grinning like a fool. I had earned some cred for the UK. The evening passed quick in the fading light as I shook hands and took off for Sue taking pics on the beach. What a great bunch..if slightly rowdy of spongers.

    HB South Beach Restrooms. Concrete rides.


    Retail therapy.


    A picture says a thousand words.


    HB South just outside the Hilton there's this surf art. I got Sue to take a few cheeky pics of what Spongers do to sticks..Go in deeper and harder than anyone else ever dare..haha.


    HB/ Newport / West Coast USA.

    HB when we went was relatively quiet. Schools and Uni's had gone back and the place was just right for mooching about. Beach shops had closed but Main Street and all the big surf stores (Jack's, RipCurl etc) were still open. June to Sept 1st week is the crazy season.

    There was still enough going on to make it a nice buzz.

    What struck me about the whole place (inc Newport) was the tidyness. The beaches are regularly cleaned and on Saturday there was a community program of locals and school kids combing the beach for litter & recycled trash. Nice to see kids being taught to look after their part of the planet.

    Another youth program going on was being run by the Beach Life Guard team. They take the top swimmers from schools and teams and put them through a tough 6 month selection program. Only the toughest get the job.

    HB is the place to be regards hotel accomodation right near the beach. Newport is more residential, the main hotels are way off the beach..even the Balboa peninsular.

    Finding the Wedge is easy (After a sponger on HB South gave me great directions). South on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) stay right when nearing Newport. On the LH side will be the hospital, the right a Jack in the Box burger outlet. GO Right. This takes you onto the peninsular which is a few miles long. Stay on Balboa Ave and go right into the residential area crossed by streets 40,39,38 etc. Just keep asking guys with sponges. They're only too pleased to help direct.

    As much as Newport would be a magnet for us spongers, HB has more nightlife and stuff going on. Newport is about 20mins by car or you could even hire a bike $20 a day and get there in less than an hour. Find 40th Street if the Wedge is too fierce as its a Sponge only place bewteen groyns 40-42...If I recall correctly.

    The best place for food in HB is The Sugar Shack Main St. Real quality food, great prices and the whole place is surf orientated but not in a corporate way. We had breakfast and lunch there almost every day. If you think a Kernow pasty would dent your sponge skills try a stack of pancakes with bacon strips & syrup. I had to postpone my 10:00 surf till noon :¬)

    West Coast USA they say has three swells. North, West & South. Because of this, there is always something firing somewhere from Venice (LA) to Newport. If you have to drag WAGS & Groms then this place would suit everybody..well maybe not when Summer break is in full swing for smaller groms.

    People were very friendly and on the breaks there was a nice vibe in the water amongst all kinds of wave riders. The place is full of all the Surf City / Beach LA sterotypes as well as very nice welcoming people.

    I did bump into the odd crazy (to be expected) and every day as ever, utter the phrase "Only in the USA."





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