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  1. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    This is the BIG mission.

    Been squiriling money for ages now and its almost here.

    Flying to Sydney this weekend for an East Coast walkabout.

    A friend in Brisbane has reported the weather in one word....Cyclonic.

    OM F G.

    Least there should be swell..of sorts :¬/

    Will try and get as many pics as possible. GoPro loaded to shoot.

    If anyone has any info on Noosa, Byron, Manly and others then much obliged.

    Also on the to-do list South Sydney Cronula beach. Just to say I've been to Shark Island Hhehe.
  2. kev2o

    kev2o Local Charger

    Damn that sounds like trip and a half, boardshorts and sun!, its gotta beat the freezing grey of the uk. Keep your eyes open at bryon for winston, singer for parkway drive live's there and he's a sick bodyboarder, judging on the pictures in riptide of him charging.
  3. Spongedup

    Spongedup Local Charger

    good luck watch those sharks fella
  4. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Back in Blighty !.

    Managed to walk about about a week behind in the footsteps of the cyclone.

    1: Manly Beach: Mushy Paddlefest

    2: Bondi: Fun waves with onshore winds

    3: Coolangatta #1 Further North now and more chunkier but messier waves.

    4: Byron Bay: .2-4ft Peeling rights blown out. Fun in the sun & topless chicks :¬)

    5: Coolangatta #2 Also the Quick Silver Aus East Coast Pro comp came to town. Loads of stalls, freebies & vibes. They called off the mens comp but later I saw some of the best free surfing in my life out on three breaks. Strange call we all thought as next day was flatter.

    6: Coolangatta #3 Dawnie with my GoPro. Big FAT lazy waves which took judging to be on the right side of. Got some GoPro shots but not spectacular.

    7: Coolangatta #4 Started on Rainbow Beach and kept going rights till Kira.

    I like Coolangatta.Good surfers, no kooks and I made my own stand for body boarders amongst them. No localism/anti sponge vibe.

    8: Noosa Heads.3-4 ft clean point rights. Kook surfers galore. ding in my board from dumb stick drop in :¬( Was told I was lucky to see such good swell due to passing cyclone

    Week off in the Witsunday's sailing. No surf this far North.

    9: Bondi #2. Good 2 hr sesh of messy 3-5 ft waves & onshore winds.

    10: Cronulla: South Sydney 1 hr on the train. Very posh & swanky here. The point was for longboarders that day and Shark Island (it a rocky under water outcrop really) not working.

    Main Beach North was much like the day before except I had my own space to do my own thing. Forget Bondi, this is far better. Got Jelly stung on my bare fore arm. Smarted for days. Thing is didn't realise till about 2-3 hours out of the water.

    11: Freshwater bay Nrth Manley. A nice horseshoe bay 90 degree's to Manly North which was onshore that day. So waves here were cleaner and only locals realy got in. Again made my own presence made as a boarder and had 2-3 hrs real nice fun waves 3-5 ft again. This is where The Duke introduced surfing to Aus (Not Manley) and there's a bronze staue of him up on the headland to which I made my pilgramige.

    Surfing Aus has been an experience and a joy in 22 degree + waters. Ignoring the Jellyfish and TBH I forgot about sharks being in so much company out on the break I would recomend it.

    However (now those who have been before may protest)

    The $ Aus is way more expensive and the cost of living ridiculous to the previous 10-20 years. Friends in Aus we stayed at agreed at our observations.

    Backpacking is now silly prices when Sue & myself could rent a hotel room for the same price almost (bit more luxury of course). Accomodation ranged from a little cost got a lot to a lot of cost got you little. Trip advisor also came to our rescue.

    We hopped about using i-Pad to book hotels online just ahead of our next destination.

    Forget what they say at the desk ($185 a night) Use expedia etc and book 3 nights instead We got a cracking deal of $75 a night (for the room) in Coolangatta when backpacking (which was grim) cost $50 each per night...well.Duh.

    What I'm trying to say here is...It aint cheap anymore.

    Pics will follow this rant sometime soon. I'm back at work now and my head & stomach still has no idea what time zone I should be in.
  5. lwills

    lwills El Floppo King

    Wow, that sounds like a hell of a trip dude!
  6. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Ok not the best of pics or 360/Carve quality but here's a few.

    South Sydney 1hr by train. Cronulla. The big comps go off around here but not such testing waves this day. Shark Island is to the right of this spot and is nothing more than a semi submerged rocky outcrop. I could see in good swell it would be sick but also dangerous.


    Pan shot of the main area.


    Cronulla North. Had my own break for 2 hrs till the schools kicked out then everyone showed up.


    I now have a tattoo on my left arm/elbow thanks to one of these. Didn't feel it till I got out but it smarted for a few days. Douse with vinegar they say. Bit late.

    Bluebottles aka Box jellyfish.






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  7. green802

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    Coolangatta 4 days of great surf on the tails of a cyclone. Started messy and cleaned up over the days.

    Head high here and semi-peeling.


    The mutha of all BB shops in Coolangatta nay Aus.


    My Dolly picks me a winner, cheeky mare.


    Out of sync. Cronulla again. Very swanky here, Lots of old people and money. Hardly any tourist too.






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  8. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Ok its has to be done if you've hauled your @r$e half way around the world.

    Got two boog's in here at the start and at the end of the tour.


    Far right works better. As you go left (looking out) it becomes sheltered for Groms.


    By sheer luck the Surf Pro came to Coolangatta.


    As the only Sponger I easily predict my placing.






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  9. green802

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    Manley beach is the easiest to get to in Sydney. Just take the ferry from Central Quay.

    You get a good tour of the harbour, the heads and when you get there there's plenty to do other than surf (shops bars etc).

    This pic does not do justice but it can get crowded.


    I recommend hoofing North (go left looking out to sea) over the peninsular to Freshwater bay.

    Less tourist, more sheltered and nice & quiet.

    Freshwater Beach pan shot here from the beach.


    It was here (not Manley) that The Duke first introduced surfing to Aus. We paid our respects.


    Nearly forgot Noosa Head QLD. This is the very last place to expect swell this far North. Ok there are small spots 1777 but really here I put away my board for my facemask & snorkel. was lucky to catch 3-4 ft clean rights. Not many surfers here but no way as good as Coolangatta class.


    I have GoPro footage but still in the process of editing etc.

    Hope this blog helps if you're thinking of choosing some Aus East breaks.

    Sydney: Manly, Freshwater, Bondi Cronulla

    Coolangatta: Rainbow to Kira. This is a must

    Byron bay: The gap and 3 other places (when working)

    Surfers Paradise: Didn't surf here but stopped off, Its the Newquay of the Gold Coast if you get my drift.

    Noosa Heads. Not predictable but the place is minted & upmarket.





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