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    Mission booked to Tokyo this Thursday.

    I am taking my kit with me but googling for surf info/ shops/ hire/ breaks is a bit sketchy compared to other parts of the planet.

    We intend to visit Onjuku in the Chiba perfecture by train from Tokyo central.

    I believe I'll need my winter wettie and hiring bodyboards is a slim chance going by days of google / map driving

    Its a long shot but if anyones sponged this neck of the woods please could you drop us a line.

    Domo arigato

    Bodyboard Expeditionary Force.
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    Landed in Japan and toured Tokyo.

    What an amazing place. Could rattle on for pages but here's the Surf bit:

    Taking a train from either Narita (Int airport) or Tokyo station is a cinch.

    They all run bang on time with no drama's. Easy to figure out and good value.

    Express trains will cost more and you may have to buy a reservation seat ticket also if you dont use the local all-stopper train.

    It sounds a drag, but as ever the Japanese have it all sorted to buy from the machine or kiosk on the day.

    Of the whole prefecture of Chiba Onjuku is the place to be.

    We were lucky enough to find "The Flying Sumo Surf Company" online before setting out. A few e-mails swapped with the owner Del and his good lady helped us decide what to bring.

    Flying Sumo Surf Co. Surf shop in Onjuku, Chiba, Japan ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

    It may seem like a cop-out, but we were glad of somebody Western who'd lived in Japan to bridge the language/knowledge gap.

    Del originally from the U.S was so helpfull and keen to part with local break tips & tricks to train times. A real Gent.

    30 mins car travel either side of Onjuku gives you breaks which could be more favorable to tides or wind direction if Onjuku isn't working.

    Fortunately for me, the coat tails of a cyclone (which devastated Manilla)had just passed by days earlier and the local beach North side was working well 5-4 then 4-3 feet later on.

    Water temps were in the 20's and wind was nil. Due to the storm sand bars were everywhere and so were the breaking waves. Best caught were lefts coming off the concrete harbour wall. There were a lot of sticks and a few spongers for a work day but the vibe was cool and no localism. A happy 2-3 hours in the Autumn sun and warm waters was had. It did drop off quite a bit at the end but was worth lugging my kit halfway around the World.

    Apparenlty water temps dont drop off too far past 14 degress but air temps and winds from Siberia do chill the air in the winter Dec-March.

    The Sumo Shop will close for December then re-open in late April for the big run of beach festivals (Surf comp, life saving comp etc).

    here are the pics.




    Above you can see on the right what waves could be like if waited for in the right place. That's yours truly getting out.


    The sands in this part of the prefecture are usually realy white. But storms had mashed up the beach and mixed in volanic sands from surrounding areas.

    The Sumo Company rent mostly stand-up kit & suits. They do have some nice rooms for rent or if already booked can get you booked in at other hotels in the town.

    The town isn't swanky and in areas a bit past its best. So dont be expecting Shangri-La.

    It was closed season and ghost like. That said, when the season opens in May the place is buzzing. It did remind me a bit of beaches in our own south West areas.

    So if you fancy somewhere out of the ordinary with good breaks try Onjuku - Chiba east of Tokyo.





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