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    Been back in Blighty over a week but thought I'd give a Sponge report on my week in S.A for anyone thinking of going.

    First up: Add this to your wanna-go list. Cape Town & area Rocks.

    Second: Take yer full winter gear. End of March it was coming to the end of S.A's summer.

    Weather was a sunny 32 but water temps between 9-12 I recon.

    Was real strange sweating like Angelina in an orphanage suiting up, then going in to chilly waters. It was cold alright but the warm sun & air temps ment you could do without [email protected] hat & gloves. However 3 duck dives on the trot gave icecream head catagory 1. Nnnnngggg.

    The Saffa's are hard core and immune to the temps. They have the same attitude as Brits who surf in winter. My lady and I watched the sun go into the sea as surfers still kept rocking up to grab the dying light for 20 mins. That's dedication.

    Localism ? No problem. Ok spongers are 2nd class (as ever) but I struck up chats with local sticks & spongers to be offered waves by sticks. Saffa's were only too pleased to hear we know of their breaks and would come halfway around the world to surf there.

    The Groms, especially the grom-sticks were all over the break. They could out paddle and nip n tuck anyone. Adults just let em get on with it and didn't seem to mind. However I guess if an adult dropped in...well another story.

    Crime:Well I recon its overhyped.

    It is there we were told. Our waiter (keen sponger @ 24yrs) got mugged 1st time ever the day before. He blamed being drunk, wrong place, wrong time. It happens.

    Sue & myself went into the city a night and keeping wits about us no bother apart from one tramp being a bit insistant for change. A strong voice off "look dude I have no cash..sorry" shut him up.

    The thing that did get on my pecs was "Security attendants." Chancers in a yellow tabbard who believe they're looking after your car or helping you park/leave the space. You can pass the odd Rand (£1=11 ZAR ie 5 ZAR is about 50p) if you feel but I took the hard nose approach and just ignored them. Dont feel obliged.

    Ok ok so down to breaks.

    Cape Town is a great base to stay.

    From the city you can either drive down the West peninsular or over to the East side and into False Bay. False Bay is slightly warmer but with slight more risk of sharks. Which ever way the wind is blowing you can choose an offshore break.

    Ignore all the surf named breaks and stick to locations. Some of the breaks in Wannasurf are just not good. ie hard to get to, rocky, paddle outs or mutant seaweed. Also its better if you're unsure to surf in a pack and where more people are to warn of sharks.

    My choices would be:

    Camps Bay: A sandy beach break, life guard, point rights. As you look out to sea, the further right the better the wave as it catches the swell better. I had some real good rights..once I got tuned into them.

    Llundudno: This is THE spongers beach. You have sandy beachy break with point left and right on each side of the bay. Fun wave in the middle and some real tubes which made the sticks baulk at one point. Go here if you dont go anywhere else.

    The car park is small and bothered by "attendants", so park a few streets away as it was always rammed after work times.

    Scarborough & Chapmans Bay.

    Ok probably long board territory but the widest of beaches. Fantastic sand, scenery and views.

    Was a paddlefest the day I rocked up. With nobody in the water I played safe and stayed out.

    Stay clear of Fish Hoek I was told by many. Sea life & fishing boats there tend to attract the shark life.

    In a nut shell:

    Cape Town & area is fantastic for food, wine, sun, sea (if cold), beaches and places to go and do stuff to do.

    Everyone there was extremely friendly, customer service in shops or bars was always top notch. It may be because of the tourists but we felt most welcome everywhere we went.

    Driving is easy (like us) , fuel converts to £1 a Ltr.

    If you want a winery go to Paarl 80Km North and look out Fairview estate for Goats cheese, red wine, springbok & osterich dinner. Again another part with stunning views.


    Camps Bay above.

    Llundudno below: The small spec with legs crossed is yours truly. Checkout the wave out back. Nice n tubey.


    Simons Town is heavy with the localism. These guys will bite off your fingers so stay away.





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    Few more:

    Sobering advise:


    Chapmans Bay. Very quaint and quiet.


    Scarborough Beach...not as we know it.


    Clear jelly fish bits washed up on here and massive mutant seaweed Eeeeewww.

    A local stealing a ride.


    Many thanks to my Lady for arranging this and making Cape Town the most Rock n Roll holiday.

    Check out Raffikis Bar near Signal Hill on the way to Camps Bay. Real live n friendly crowd in there. I met a Saffa version of Bobby (Tester) too Hhehe.

    Thank you S.A.





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    Sounds like a good trip. A mate of mine came back from CT about 6 weeks ago after spending 3 months there kiting and wondsurfing. She's saving up for next winters trip already.

    You're right about the crime, like anywhere there are bad areas, but there's worse places around. I liked the parking attendants, okay you don't have to pay, but they will seriously mess up anyone that tries doing your car over.

    You're right about Fishoek. I was only in CT for one day, with some friends of friends in Fishoek. They took me to Kalk bay, which was crap, but then we were going past another spot where there was a restaurant on stilts with a slipway infront of it. Apparently there used to be a really big seal there that would come up and lie on the slip for about 20 years, then the week before I got there, the seal was just approaching the slip and a huge great white had it right in front of everyone eating their dinner. Glad Kalk Bay was crap so I didn't need an excuse not to go in. I forgot to mention before there is a book (probably online now as well) which has a guide to hundreds of breaks in SA, each one with 3 ratings, one for wave quality, one for access and another for sharks. I think the lowest score for sharks in CT was 3/5, but plenty of 5/5, Durban was all pretty much 1/5 due to the nets.
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    top SA bodyboarding attacked by Great White in Cape waters dies.

    Man killed in Cape Town Shark attack - Telegraph

    Having grown up in Cape Town, on the False Bay coast and having surfed Caves many times ( I always thought the place was spooky and never quite liked the vibe ( sea life wise ) in the lineup but this really is a shocking.

    I remember seeing another bodyboarder die at Noordhoek a couple years back in 2003 as a result of blood loss following an attack by a Great White and felt pretty much so shaken up by it that i have not surfed in Cape Town since. This latest attack and the fact that not only his brother was with him in the water but that from the car park above the break everyone probably could see the attack happening in real time must really have shocked everyone who witnessed it.

    Pretty sure one of the teachers at Trenance Academy in Newquay was attacked by a great white at Long Beach in Cape Town just a few years back.

    thoughts with his family and everyone who had to witness such a horror show, really really sad news.

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