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    The Bodyboard Expeditionary Force (BEF) is headed for Barbados amongst the Windward Islands chain from 17th-25th June 2011

    We will be staying near Oystins South of the island between the breaks Freights & Silver Sands.

    Having never even dreamed of visiting this neck of the planet, I wondered if anyone has any tips or advise about breaks I would be very greatfull.

    Soup Bowls I understand is THE place to visit here. Its on the list of must visit breaks.

    MSW says the weather may be moody but never lower than 29C.

    Swell for next week is quote: "1-2m water bathers and small craft should take caution." Blimey ! Water temps are 28 degrees.

    Should I take a shortie wetsuit or for the first time ever just trust my rasher & boardies (never had that luxury of choice).

    Will try and post pics & updates but its a flying visit and car hire is waaaay pricey. The local bus system seems to be the obvious choice.





    I realise times are hard and a lot of people cant get away for a holiday due to the financial climate. I too am in that catagory. My new lady works for the airlines and has offered to take me abroad for the same price it costs (for me) to spend a week in Kernow.

    It would be silly to pass up such an offer however I dont want you all to think "Flash [email protected] gobbing off here!" I truly put this thread/shout out for any locational sponge advise.
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  2. RJH

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    Have a great time Pete.
  3. Plugus Maximus

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    You flash bastard. :rolleyes:

    28 degrees you'll need Speedos and a rashie to stop ...erm .... rashes. And sunburn. So take a skull cap too! :D
  4. green802

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    Cheers Rich,

    Cheers Plug.....I think.

    Youtubing the breaks I found this:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM1Xr9s6bpM&feature=related]YouTube - ‪Agi on south coast beach Barbados‬‏[/ame]

    GoPro is ready along with plenty of "film" & batteries.
  5. green802

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    Day 1 Trouble on the high seas.

    Within an hour of landing we were in the water. Very warm and no need for a wetsuit(shortie) I discovered.

    My instructions were "let me go in for 5 mins and I'll check the rip." Before I knew it Sue was out with me and we were being dragged right. No problem for me but Sue wasn't coping. We battled in together (I coulda rode in but you never leave your wingman/women:¬)

    We made it to the beach and climbed over the 6ft cliff. One of my pods ended up down a crevis in the rock. Turned out to be a blow hole which when I sussed it out an got all safe my fin was washed out to sea.

    Down a fin and no real surf. Bad start.

    Day 2 Bajian Beachies.

    Overshot Frieghts bay and spent the day on a family beach called Miami beach near town. However had all day catching 3 footers on close-out on the beach. Sue got her confidence back by catching a few small ones. She dropped in on a few and started to trim also. Much better start.

    Water is insanely warm and even under light cloudy sky my noggin burnt to a nice shade of red. Plug thanks for your skull cap tip.

    Day 3 Palours Paddlefest.

    Hired a car. After several hairy rides on the Reggae bus's thought better to hire some wheels.

    We passed Soup Bowls for better info from a real ol knarly Bajian dude who we gave a lift to. His 4 ft machette he carried did put one on edge but he was cool.

    Got to Parlours and there was 3-4 messy waves outback. Sue's son Jack followed me out on my Base and started getting the hang of things. He's a lifeguard at a local pool but did find the stamina tested.

    It was messy on-shores. For such a popular location you could tell it wasnt rammed at all. Just us two and a Bajian stick. However I caught my quota and knackered myself out in the paddle-outs. Jack's got the bug and I think we have another convert :¬)

    Tomorrow's a dawnie at Freights then onto Duppies for Sue.

    Banks is the local beer, its moorish.
  6. RJH

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    Sounds good.

    Replacement fin?
  7. Plugus Maximus

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    Dude I told you, you should have cancelled the trip for Bossy. I had 4-6ft spitting barrels with offshore wind Saturday evening. Pulled my first ARS too.*

    *Most of that statement was bollocks due to Barbienation/Baijan envy
  8. green802

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    Day 4 Windy Wednesday.Drove back out to Parlors & Soup Bowl. Fearsome onshore waves. Saw 3 local sticks get in for about 20 mins and come back out knackered.

    No Surf :¬(

    West side of the island between Holetown & Speightstown it was flat. Excellent snokeling with shoals of wild life caught on GoPro.

    Day 5: Freights.

    Finaly got in at Freights for a dawn raid. Not exactly pumping but clean small slack'ish waves every so often. Paddled hard to catch but when caught nice long lefts.

    Melted in my 2mm shortie (arm&legs). Definately a boardies & rasher job any time any season.

    Day 6: South Point.Last day Earlies.

    Further round from Freights closer to the South this was working a treat.

    07:00-09:40 I had constant 3-4 footers not quite curling but clean.

    Waves were so nice I dabbled in a bit of DK and my 360's....still [email protected]

    Again excellent long lefts this time with speed. Also the odd right thrown in.

    There was a definate path for riding in and paddling out which made a constant circuit for wave catching...Nice!

    As per usuall for me and abroad missions, the last day was the best.

    Packed up by 10 am and headed for the airport @ 14:00.

    Will post pics of the breaks and various shots later this week.Back at work now :¬(
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  9. green802

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    Miami Beach Barbados..Yeah I know. Why name it that but hey. An easy break.

    Freights Bay can just be seen to the left of the board bag.


    Parlors & Soup Bowl all in one shot here. Strong onshore's.


    North coast. No very surfer friendly looking. However a local told me of his youth (1950's) of jumping off the cliffs and swimming here. Quote " We'd here of people drowning out at dis' spot. All we'd say is dey couldna bin a local. hehehe"


    Parlors Rock here on a messy onshore day. T'was a fun surf but locals warned of spikey sea urchins. Two days later I finaly saw what they were on about whilst snorkeling. OUCH! We are talkin needles as long as your finger.






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  10. green802

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    Freights Bay. Post sponge. Looks lame here as this was after the surf. My first real point break (left) if you dont count NQ harbour wall.

    However the next day its was much better. At 08:00 in the morning a shorty wetsuit was too warm to use. Insane temps.


    At the Mount Gay Rum factory. This is the Caribean's oldest rum producers.


    Howling warm winds onshore. This is where my fin got lost :¬(

    The T-shirt is to represent the winds strength not a French Man O war surrendering to the British Fleet.


    Banks Beer is 100% Bajian. Its quite moor'sh stuff and sold everywhere. This is Oystins, the place to get large plates of fish, rice an pea, macaroni pie and coleslaw.



    Surf: As ever my timing for the best surf season was off. However there's a host of choices for breaks whichever way the wind/swell comes from. Next time I would start at Freights on the SW corner and keep working my around to the East parish of Bathesheba, Soup Bowls & Parlors. Somewhere in between you'll get what you need I recon.

    29 degree waters means rasher an boardies at all times. Wear a wettie for protection if you must but flush to stay cool. Warm water such a luxury.

    The beaches have a mix of sand or a ground up sandy coral. So beware beachie breaks regards keeping the slick scrape free. Reefs are volcanic lava and razor sharp.

    The Place: It is no doubt a beautiful country but one of extremes. Some parishes are very clean and tidy others littered with old cars, garbage & litter, which can spoil the dream.

    Bathsheba on the East coast is rugged, hilly and lush with palm trees. Holetown & Speightstown on the flatter West coast is where all the money and celeb's hang out.

    This is the place for snorkeling, jetski's and water ski-ing.Swanky Hotel-ville. Incidently the only place I got offered to buy drugs and not your rolly rolly stuff either.

    The People.

    The most welcoming and friendly people on the planet. Always helpful and offering places to visit or how to get there.

    Car hire beware. Some real old knarly dudes have no quarter in asking “Scuse me mon. Ya goin to da next town ? Eye catch a lift off ya.” We did oblige three times and got a world of local knowledge on surf breaks

    Taxi drivers (same through out the world I guess). Our fixed fee to the apartment was $24Bd I handed over two twenties and got “Thanks for the tip.” Me: “Errr no . I was expecting $10 back mate.

    He hands me $5. “You’d better talk to the Boss she has the price ticket.”

    Much remonstrating and me pointing out $6 is a 25% tip I get my $10 and he departs vowing never to take us in his taxi again despite the Government agreed price ticket and 3 beer tip.

    The Reggea Reggea Bus. This is the Bajian equivalent of rollercoaster rides ala’ Space Mountain etc. Hand over the exact cash $2 per person or make it clear what you wish to pay ie $5 note for two. Some drop you right to the spot other’s quite a way off. A little 10 seater wagon with local radio or Rasta-vibes blaring out and local dialect It’s a lottery in both survival and destination. A great way to get some culture and cheap way to get about..with teeth clenched.

    Food: Cost of living here is expensive either in the supermarket’s or the eateries. The whole week I lived off fish (flying fish,tuna,shark,maui maui, swordfish marlin) with rice an pea. Two plates & two beers(Banks) you could haggle to about $40 Bd £14 quid. Ok you couldn’t eat that sort of fish over here at that price but as the week goes on the cost does add up. Living out the supermarket was as expensive as at home. Some items way more pricey. Sue visits here regularly (her Job) and remarked how silly prices have gotten for everything. My conclusion would be:

    It’s a terrific place to surf and see but cant be done cheaply. Like I said. Despite my luck of an air fare being a big saving, this was balanced out by all the other cost’s. Yes we did live cheaply compared to Joe Tourist but even then it did bite the wallet hard.

    Surf wise for the same costs I recon the Canaries work out better although definitely not in the same league.





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    Looks like ure having fun dude!

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