Anyone fancy a trip to Senegal In October?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by slab, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. slab

    slab Grom

    Hey guys,

    Planning a trip to Senegal in October staying on Ngor island with these guys after a friend got back and highly recommended it - Surf Camp NGor Island in Dakar - Senegal

    its generally cheaper to share a room with someone plus it would be good to have another sponger for company. October is just before the main season so great wave consistency, no crowds and surfing in nothing but boardys! best price for flights (with a board) I found is around £700 but pennies to stay there really. Let me know if your keen to join!

  2. 8adgerx

    8adgerx Grom

    Hey Sam good work

    Its one to cross off the endless summer list

    If we could get a few more people this would be a wicked trip

    I'm goona say a prov yeah for this
  3. 8adgerx

    8adgerx Grom

    Air France leaving on the 8th oct for 7-10days £540
  4. slab

    slab Grom

    Sweet man!

    With boards? are you sure? gota watch them over sized baggage charges :/
  5. 8adgerx

    8adgerx Grom

    If you get a big board bag like the creatures of lesiure one with wheels, it takes four board you take that as your main bag it's like a suitcase.

    You should be able to fit your stuff in that along with a carry on bag.

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