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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by green802, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    First time ever I've gotten all my kit into one bag.

    Just bought the Tiki 3 board padded bag. It's got lotsa' pockets, straps and fits 3 board nicely (42.5 the biggest in the pic).

    I was so chuffed I had to take a photo.


    All cresents. Alder Assault 42 PE ceiling tile, NMD Base 2008/9 PE & the "abroad board" NMD Player PP 42.5.

    Pod1's, Pod2's and HB fins.

    I have a pending mission abroad but now my new lady is into Boarding, the kit has doubled. Hence the bigger bag. I'm just a bit uneased about having all my kit in one easy to lose at the airport bag.



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  2. Hassan

    Hassan Pro Rider

    Tiki = homosexual lol
  3. green802

    green802 Pro Rider

    Dude you're racking up a lynch mob for ya.. Nobody calls Plugus Maximus a homosexual (he has the same bag) and worse Sk8 (Jarrad) who used to sponge in a Tiki wetsuit.

    So between us we got you cornered on Land (well skate park) Sea (cant swim away from the Plugster he's too fast) and Air...craft lounge.


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