25th/26th Oct 2009. Scottish Sponge Comp.

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by green802, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. green802

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    Its way way waaaayy up at the top of the realm but must have a mention.

    Go Google map Thurso, the breaks look real good.


    Thurso is also known to keen surfers who come here for the unbeatable surf. To the east of town, at Dunnet Bay, is a three-mile-long beach with an excellent reef break and there's another good reef break, at Brims Ness to the west. Further west, at Strathy Bay (see above) you'll find rollers that can match anything in Hawaii (though the water's a lot colder).


    A reasonable bet is the huge Royal Hotel, Traill St, Tel. 893191. 102 rooms. Central, and upgraded to include indoor pool and leisure facilities. The nicest place to stay, though, is the Forss Country House Hotel, Tel. 861201, [email protected], 4 miles out of town at Bridge of Forss. This small family-run hotel is set in 20 acres of lovely woodland and has an excellent restaurant, open to non-residents (mid-range to expensive).

    Anyone interested ?
  2. Mik-E

    Mik-E Grom

    Sounds good, there are some top spots up there.

    I'd be up for it!

  3. green802

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    Woke up at 04:00 this morning, on the sofa in front of the telly.Doh!

    There was some program on showing a stick surf comp in Thurso. The waves were mental and conditions a real paddle fest. However on the final day 6ft and clean with just a bit of curl.

    It looked quite fearsome there, like Croyde on "roids".

    The winner won a Scottish Claymore sword which was some prize. The presenter knighted him with it and then handed it over. Beats a tin cup.

    Anyhoo, Thurso looks sic.

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