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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland' started by Wattie187, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Wattie187

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    So it has been two years since I started Bodyboarding and I thought I would give some idea of my experience and how I have seen changes happening in Northern Ireland.

    When I first started I went to Troggs in Portrush, they only sold Manta boards and didn't really seem to know much about the sport. So armed with a Manta Phantom and some Alder Rocket fins I took off to the various spots I knew of. Portush, Portstewart and Portballintrae. All good spots for a beginner. There was a lack of other bodies riding sponge on the North Coast but it didn't matter as it was good craic and the local surfers where welcoming.

    Moving on a called into Surf Mountain in belfast to get some wax and noticed they had far more kit than I remembered. Got talking to a South African fella who was a Bodyboarder, seems to be the instigation for the new stock. Upgraded my board to a VS Ryan Hardy and some Stealth 2 fins. I honestly noticed the difference with the new kit and my confidence has grown.

    Over the past two years I have seen more and more people on Bodyboards and a few days where they outnumbered standups. You can now get an array of boards from Troggs, Woodies and Surf Mountain. Although I have spread out to the west of Ireland on occasion in search of different waves, this winter the north coast has been pumping!

    So the future looks bright, for me anyway and with the prospect of Rob Barbour coming over for a training weekend in Bundoran (missed last years) I may even learn to get some air.

    Anyway not sure of this is of any interest to anyone, but maybe a young sponger from Belfast might read it and take the sport up.


  2. PapaWoolacombe

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    Deffo noticed the change myself... Its all good!

    I wouldn't say the winter has been pumping this year tho! ;)
  3. Wattie187

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    Maybe not to a pro :)

    Are you heading to the Bundoran weekend arranged by Rob Barbor?
  4. PapaWoolacombe

    PapaWoolacombe Super Moderator

    Lol - oh stop it you:rolleyes:

    I was thinking about going on one of the coaching weekends at some point. I've hit a bit of a wall in my riding (mainly cause this past 8months I've just not been able to get out enough: :(

    but also just booked flights to Bali in sept :D got a mate out there so sweeeeeeet

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