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  3. Ye olde grom
    Ye olde grom
    Hi guys, old man getting back on the sponge after several years off...
  4. Arslan
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  6. hedgecutter
    hedgecutter janner
    Hi Janner. I am heading down the north coast of Devon/Cornwall this weekend and Monday, and could bring those fins along for you to have a look at, as I guess that you are based there abouts. I am sure we could do a deal, and you are welcome to try before buy. Cheer ears, Caleb 07970025094
  7. skinny

    Yeh I am, have not managed to get out for about 3 weeks now. Pretty flexible on going as I work flexi time. I usualy try to go to Lynmouth if there is surf as its that bit closer. Although it take the same time as to get to Croyde. Its usually rammed at Lynmouth if there is any surf though.
  8. vwm4t7
    vwm4t7 skinny
    you from bristol bud? im down weston super mare.
  9. Chriscmoss
    Chriscmoss hedgecutter
    Sorry forgot to put number . 07848969673
  10. Chriscmoss
    Chriscmoss hedgecutter
    Hi hope you are promised Here is my mobile contact number in case your heading west. Did you manage to get in on Tuesday we had a decent sesh down at southbourne. Cheers chris
  11. joshiya
  12. Hobby Mounts
    Hobby Mounts admin
    Hey Admin, thanks for activating our account.

    Before I post anything, I wondered if you had any rules in place for retailers advertising on your forum?

    Hobby Mounts is a new company based in Cornwall and we specialise in selling GoPro Mounts & Accessories.

    We're just about to release a new product aimed at Bodyboarders and have successfully trialled it ourselves but we are looking for more people to beta test the product before launching it properly to iron out any niggles.

    Is this something you would allow us to do?

    We alse sell the whole range of standard GoPro Mounts and Accessories which we would like to promote if possible, aswell as other bespoke mounts created by us.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


    Hobby Mounts
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    green802 janner
  15. miken
    miken chappell
    Yo, na its not going to happen this weekend, am sticking to the original dates.

  16. chappell
    chappell miken
    Hello miken, cant use that Facebook , if on this weekend, will be able to come sat, not sun, only be observing though! Have txt the rest see if they can.

    No idea how to get there though. Does it look like going ahead at mo?

  17. The Silver Sponger
    The Silver Sponger Smev
    Hi kev nice to meet and train with you at the weekend and congrats on becoming a qualified bb instructor. Hope you find a great new job to replace the RAF maybe full time bb coach to the stars and nurses ;-) all the best and might drop you a line next time I'm in the county of surf if you fancy a session cheers Dave
  18. Lasto
    Hey all - I live in Tiverton in Devon and go boarding on the North Devon coast as often as possible! Always on my own ans I very rarely see any other spongers about! Be good to have some company and safer - so any local boarders about - or visitors - give me a shout :)
  19. Santini
    Hi all,

    Sorry but the Morocco flight. I posted has gone.

    Thinking about a trip to Protugal next year sometime if anybody one to interested?? I have never been before. But fancy getting my toes wet.

  20. bigbear36
    bigbear36 green802
    Hi Green, did you get that info on Facebook m8?